Good recipes to keep kidney disease at bay

Hyderabad: On the World Kidney Day, the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, KIMS Hospitals, Secunderabad, launched a cook book titled ‘Diet secrets and recipes for healthy kidney’ to assist patients and their families in preparing kidney-friendly recipes.

The book was launched by Dr Bhaskar Rao, MD and CEO, KIMS Hospitals, and Dr V S Reddy, consultant nephrologist.

Dr Bhaskar Rao said, “Chronic Kidney Disease is likely to be the fifth leading cause of years of life lost by 2040.

To tackle this issue, our dietetics department has come up with this cook book idea.

When any patient starts to follow a renal diet, the list of everything you can’t eat seems longer than the list of foods you are allowed.

The foods on the menu conjure up pictures of bland, tasteless dishes.

The information in this book will help patients and their families to understand more about the foods that they can eat and avoid as a kidney patient.

Healthy eating should be important in everyone’s life.”

Speaking on the occasion, Radhika, chief dietitian, KIMS Hospitals, said, “It is always about having a healthier life.

The theme of this year’s World Kidney Day is ‘Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere.’

This theme has given us the idea of coming up with a cook book for the patients with renal problems.

Through this book we want to grab public attention on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and help everyone take care of their kidneys and provide awareness about the risks for developing kidney disease and the impact it has on patients.

This cook book has many kidney-friendly recipes.

All the recipes are simple to follow yet very tasty.

Furthermore, we have also provided the nutritional data on each recipe, to help patients track the intake of salts.”

The World Kidney Day is a global health awareness campaign focusing on the importance of the kidneys and reducing the frequency and impact of kidney disease and its associated health problems worldwide.

More than 850 million people Worldwide are now estimated to have kidney diseases from various causes.

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) causes at least 2.4 million deaths per year and is now the 6th fastest growing cause of death.

World Kidney Day started in 2006 on the 2nd Thursday in March.

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